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Tron synchronization issue with Ledger Live 2.30.0

Tron users might face synchronization issues with the latest version of Ledger Live (2.30.0). As a result, Tron balances might be incorrectly displayed, new deposits might not be recorded and users might not be able to send Tron assets (TRX, TRC10, and TRC20 tokens) from Ledger Live.

Your Tron funds are safe

Please note that this is just a display issue with Ledger Live. Your Tron funds are still safely secured by your Ledger device.


  1. In Ledger Live, go to Settings > HelpClear cache, then click on Confirm. 
    Ledger Live will resynchronize all your accounts and attempt to restore normal service with the Tron blockchain.
  2. If the synchronization issue persists, go to Settings > Experimental features tab.
  3. Click on the toggle.
  4. Go to Settings > HelpClear cache then click on Confirm. 

I am still facing the issue

  TronScan is a third-party web wallet that is safe to use with your Ledger device. You can learn more about third-party apps and wallets in the following Ledger Academy article: Ledger and Third-Party Wallets.

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