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Wrong portfolio or asset value in Ledger Live

This article describes how to troubleshoot a portfolio or crypto asset value error in Ledger Live.

Are my crypto assets safe?

  • The fiat value (USD, EUR, etc.) of your crypto portfolio or of an individual coin or token is known as its countervalue.
  • Most countervalue errors in Ledger Live are due to temporary disruptions in our price data.
  • These disruptions do not affect the real value of your assets, they are just display errors affecting Ledger Live.

How do I solve a countervalue issue?

Check the health of our APIs

Bugs, network updates or sudden peaks in user traffic might cause disruptions that prevent Ledger Live from returning accurate countervalues.

You can monitor the health of our countervalue APIs on the Ledger Status page.

API issues might cause temporary display issues like incorrect contervalues or extreme volatility of the values displayed in Ledger Live.


Is the issue related to an ERC20 or BEP20 token?

You can use the Zerion app in the Discover tab in Ledger Live to check the value of your tokens.

  1. In Ledger Live, navigate to the Discover tab and select the Zerion app.
  2. In the app, make sure to select the desired Account and Wallet then select the Overview tab.
  3. In the tab, scroll down to the Assets section.
    Your ERC20 and BEP20 tokens balance and value are displayed here.zerion_portfolio.gif
Clear cache

Clear cache to force Ledger Live to resynchronize your Ledger accounts.

  1. In Ledger Live, click on Settings.
  2. Click the Help tab.
  3. Click the Clear button to clear cache.
  4. Click Confirm after reading the instructions. You'll be redirected to the dashboard and Ledger Live will start the synchronization process.

Once Ledger Live is synchronized, your balance should be correct.

Update Ledger Live

Each new Ledger Live update brings new features and new supported assets. If your token or coin does not show in Ledger Live mobile or desktop, it's possible that your current version does not support the asset.

Please update Ledger Live by downloading and installing the latest version via this link.

Re-add the account in Ledger Live

Removing then re-adding an account in Ledger Live can help restore the correct countervalue. Please check this article to learn how remove and then add back an account.

Please note that removing an account from Ledger Live is completely safe. Removed accounts can always be re-added later.

Missing "-" countervalues

Some crypto-assets like ERC20/TRC10/TRC20/BEP20 tokens may have missing countervalue in fiat currency (for example in USD or EUR).


The following applies to token countervalues:

  • If the available rate providers have no trading pair with ETH/TRX/BNB, no countervalue can be displayed.
  • If the countervalue for a given pair is not reliable, it will not be displayed either. This is generally the case when the trading volume is too low.
  • If the countervalue is too low, it will display zero.

Our engineering teams are currently working on improving the current Ledger Live infrastructure and adding countervalues for more fiat currencies and crypto-assets.

Disable all experimental features in Ledger Live

Ledger Live has an Experimental features tab in the Settings of the application. In rare cases, enabled settings of this section can disrupt the connection with blockchain explorers that can result in wrong or missing balances of your accounts.

In order to disable all Experimental features follow the steps:

  1. In Ledger Live, go to the Settings.
  2. Select Experimental features tab.
  3. Disable everything.

Is the countervalue still incorrect?

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