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Why is Ledger Live displaying an incorrect balance?

Ledger Live is a visual interface that’s able to read and calculate the value of the crypto assets secured by your Ledger device. To achieve this, Ledger Live relies on a pricing API maintained by Ledger in order to return the accurate asset and portfolio values, also known as countervalues.

Check the health of our pricing API

Maintaining an API is complex. Bugs, blockchain-wide issues out of Ledger’s control, or sudden peaks in traffic might cause disruptions and bottlenecks that prevent Ledger Live from returning accurate countervalues. You can monitor the health of our countervalue API on the Ledger Status page.

Countervalue issues typically cause incorrect asset prices, incorrect aggregate portfolio values, or extreme volatility of the values displayed in Ledger Live.

Countervalue issues are only displaying errors that don’t affect the actual value of your crypto assets

Clear cache

The transactions of the accounts in your portfolio are downloaded from the blockchain network.
This data, the cache, is stored on your computer and optionally encrypted with your password.
Clear cache to delete the downloaded data and force a full resynchronization with the network.

  1. In Ledger Live, click on Settings.
  2. Click the Help tab.
  3. Click the Clear button to clear cache.
  4. Click Confirm after reading the instructions. You'll be redirected to the dashboard and Ledger live will start the synchronization process.

Once Ledger Live is synchronized, your balance should be correct.

Value still incorrect?

  • Ethereum smart contracts are not fully supported currently. ETH sent from a contract address will be added to your balance but not displayed in your Last operations list.
  • Request assistance from our support team.