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Set up a backup device

Set up a backup device

To create a backup device of your main Ledger hardware wallet, you will need to use the 24-word recovery phrase you wrote down when setting up your first device. By entering these 24 words into your second device, the private keys providing access to your crypto assets will be restored.

You can then use both devices to manage your accounts. Learn how to set up your Ledger device as a backup device in this article.

Migrate crypto from one Ledger device to another

At some point, you may want to move funds from one Ledger device to another Ledger device. It may be the same model if something happened with your old device or it may be a new model. For example, moving from Nano S to Nano X. The process of "migrating" is quite similar to setting up the backup device. The funds themselves are not moved; they are already stored on the blockchain, not on your device. and not on your device. Your Ledger device holds the private keys (24-word recovery phrase) to control these funds and by setting the same recovery phrase on a new device, you can get access to your existing crypto accounts with the new device.

In order to migrate, you should restore your existing 24-word recovery phrase on a new device. Check the video below for step-by-step instructions:

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