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Wrong private keys for account

Your Ledger hardware wallet securely manages the private keys providing access to your crypto assets. To manage an account in Ledger Live, make sure you connect the Ledger hardware wallet that holds the private keys associated with that account in Ledger Live. 

Wrong device or passphrase

The error message "Something went wrong: Please check that your hardware wallet is set up with the recovery phrase or passphrase that belongs to the selected account.may be displayed when the connected Ledger hardware wallet does not have the private key that matches the selected account in Ledger Live. Please find the possible causes and solutions below.

Wrong recovery phrase

The account selected in Ledger Live can be generated from a 24-word recovery phrase that is different from the one set up on the connected Ledger hardware wallet. This may happen if you have (accidentally) reset your Ledger hardware wallet and have written down a new recovery phrase instead of restoring your existing one.

  1. Reset your Ledger hardware wallet by entering three wrong PIN codes. Learn more
  2. Restore your device from the recovery phrase that was used to add the account to Ledger Live. Learn more

  Multiple hardware wallets?

In case you have multiple Ledger hardware wallets set up with different recovery phrases, you should connect the device holding the recovery phrase used to create the account.

Wrong passphrase

The account can be protected by a passphrase that does not match the passphrase set on the connected Ledger hardware wallet. If the account in Ledger Live is protected by a passphrase, the correct passphrase must be set on the Ledger hardware wallet so the private keys correspond to the selected account in Ledger Live. Learn more