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Wrong private keys for account

This article describes the "Something went wrong - Please check that your hardware wallet is set up with the recovery phrase or passphrase associated to the selected account" error and how to fix it.

When sending crypto from your Ledger account in Ledger Live, you're required to sign the transaction using your private keys. These keys are securely held in your Ledger device and are linked to a unique 24-word recovery phrase created when you first set up your device. If your Ledger device doesn't contain the specific private keys that correspond to the account you wish to spend from, the transaction will fail, and Ledger Live will display the following error:

"Something went wrong - Please check that your wallet is set up with the recovery phrase or passphrase associated to the selected account."


Is my Ledger device defective? Could this be an issue with the Ledge Live app?

No, this issue isn’t a result of a faulty device or a malfunctioning Ledger Live app. It distinctly indicates that your Ledger device contains a different set of private keys than those necessary to access your account, or it means that the device was restored using an incorrect recovery phrase.

Why is my Ledger device holding the wrong private keys?

Your Ledger device was reset

Resetting a Ledger device will cause the device to "forget" the private keys it holds. Fortunately, it's possible to recover these private keys by restoring the corresponding recovery phrase into your Ledger device.
If your device was reset, please use these instructions to restore the recovery phrase that controls the problematic account into your Ledger device.

You own multiple Ledger devices
If you own multiple Ledger devices that are set up with different recovery phrases, please connect the device which was used to create the problematic account then try the transaction again.
You own multiple recovery phrases
If you own multiple recovery phrases but only one Ledger device, please try the following:
  1. Reset your Ledger device to factory settings by following these instructions.
  2. Restore the recovery phrase used to create the problematic account into your Ledger device by following these instructions.
  3. Try the transaction again.
Your account is protected by a passphrase
Did you set up an optional passphrase? If the account in Ledger Live is protected by a passphrase, the correct recovery phrase and the correct passphrase must be set on the Ledger device before the account can be used. Learn more.

 Important note

It is possible to encounter this error message when attempting to swap between two accounts that were derived from different seed phrases. For successful swapping from a specific account, ensure that the correct device is connected.

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