Solutions to most common issues

If you're having difficulties using Ledger Live with your Ledger device, you can find solutions to the most common problems in this article. Please follow up on your support ticket if you've found the answer to your question in case you had already contacted us.

  Security best practices

  • Reminder: Anyone with access to your 24-word recovery phrase can take your assets.
  • Never enter your 24-word recovery phrase anywhere else than on your Ledger device.
  • Beware of phishing attempts. Ledger will never ask you for your 24-word recovery phrase. 
  • Only use our official contact form at
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E-commerce and Marketing data breach

On July 14, a researcher contacted us through our bounty program to inform us of a data breach on our e-commerce and marketing database. We immediately fixed the data breach and launched internal investigations. We found that the exposed data was subject to unauthorized access. Your funds are safe.

For full details about the data breach, please read our blog post and FAQ

Cannot manage Cardano (ADA) in Ledger Live? 

Cannot add a Stellar account in Ledger Live?

  • Download and install the latest version of Ledger Live.
  • Update the Stellar app on your Ledger hardware wallets.
  • We are currently experiencing some difficulties with the Stellar integration in Ledger Live. This could cause users to not see all XLM transactions, see an incorrect balance or not be able to send their Lumen. To solve this, make sure you use the latest version of Ledger Live and clear the cache in Ledger Live (Settings > Help > Clear Cache). Learn more >
  • Still not working? Please connect your Ledger device to either the Stellar Account Viewer or StellarTerm. 

Cannot send Zcash (ZEC) in Ledger Live?

Accounts won't synchronize

  • Synchronization error in Ledger Live: This may occur after a temporary outage of one of our blockchain explorers. To solve this, make sure you use the latest version of Ledger Live and clear the cache in Ledger Live (Settings > Help > Clear Cache). Learn more >
  • Still not working? Please check on the Accounts page which crypto asset fails to synchronize. On our status page, you can see whether there is a known problem with our services.

Transactions on the Ethereum network 

  • Check for accurate gas price estimates before sending a transaction.
  • Increase the gas limit to 100,000 if you're sending ETH or tokens to a contract. Any unburnt gas will be returned to your account.
  • If your transaction stays unconfirmed for a long time, you can speed it up or cancel it. Learn more here

UDOO token missing

You can use MyEtherWallet to manage the UDOO token. Please note that this token has migrated to this new contract address. To manage the token, please add the new address using these instructions.

Australian Dollar countervalue 

Our current AUD rate providers have insufficient liquidity. Please choose another fiat currency to display in Settings > Crypto assets > Rates. We are working to add AUD support as soon as possible.

Firmware update questions

  • Ledger Nano X
    The upgrade to Ledger Nano X firmware version 1.2.4-2 is released progressively. If you cannot see the update, this is perfectly normal. You may try once every day to see if the update is available. 
  • Ledger Nano S
    Most problems encountered while updating the firmware of a Ledger Nano S can be solved with our update troubleshooting article (Device stuck on Bootloader or Update, MCU firmware is outdated or not genuine, Follow device update/repair instructions).

    Still stuck after trying these solutions? Please refer to our fix connection issues article

Connection issues: Device won't connect?

Set up a new device or restore from a recovery phrase

  • New device: Go to if you're looking to set up a new device. Written instructions are available here.
  • Restore or back up a device: Check out the dedicated articles to restore a Ledger Nano S or a Ledger Nano X.

Crypto miners: important information

Are you receiving mining proceeds as a high number of small transactions directly on your Ledger hardware wallet? Do you have one of the following issues?

  • Synchronization issues, long synchronization times or errors.
  • Are you having trouble adding an account because Ledger Live keeps loading?
  • Are transactions not showing up on your device when trying to send?

Please read this article to understand why mining is problematic and how to fix these issues.

Solutions to most common issues — August 2020
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