Most common issues: Ledger Nano S, Ledger Nano X and Ledger Live

Please find below the frequently reported bugs. 

Ledger Nano X
  • My Ledger Nano X is displaying "Bootloader mode".


    This menu is activated when you press the button next to the USB port for 5 seconds. You have to Power Off the device and restart it. To do it, press the button next to the USB port until the Ledger logo appears (around 2 seconds).
  • I plugged my device for the first time and my Ledger Nano X shows "Low Battery".
    The Ledger Nano X comes with 25% of battery that's why you can see the "Low Battery" message. Please press both buttons simultaneously to remove the message and then use the USB cable to charge the device.
  • I charged my Ledger Nano X but the device displays "Low Battery". Moreover, the battery icon shows a full battery
    We are aware of this display bug and we are investigating it. You can safely continue to use the device.
    To check the charge level of your battery, you can go to the Control Center by pressing both buttons simultaneously for 3 seconds. 
  • I can't pair my Ledger Nano X with my computer using Bluetooth.
    For now, you can not pair your Ledger Nano X with a computer through Bluetooth.
  • I can't pair my Ledger Nano X with my smartphone.
    Please verify that you meet the minimum requirements: iOS 9+ or Android 7+.
    If this is the case, please try to:
    1. Reset the pairing of your Ledger Nano X
    2. Forget your Ledger Nano X on your smartphone
    3. Forget your Ledger Nano X in Ledger Live 
    4. Restart your Ledger Nano X
    Please find a step-by-step tutorial in this article (paragraph "iOS and Android").

  • I can't not find The Validator (Dascoin), Binance Chain, Monero and Fido U2F apps in Ledger Live Manager.
    The Validator will not be available for the Ledger Nano X.
    The Binance Chain, Monero and Fido U2F apps will come within the following weeks.
  • I want to restore my Ledger Nano X using my Ledger Nano S recovery phrase
    This is indeed possible. To do it, please follow these steps:
    1. Press both buttons simultaneously when Restore from recovery phrase is displayed
    2. Choose your PIN
    3. Enter your Ledger Nano S recovery phrase
    You are done! Please find more details in this article
  • I installed Windows 10 May update (version 1903). When I try to connect my Ledger Nano X to a web wallet, a Windows Security pop up is displayed (see screenshot below)


    Do not worry, your Ledger Nano X will work as expected. Please ignore the pop-up displayed. You just have to move the pop-up to the side, check the transaction details, validate the transaction and the pop will automatically disappear.
    Do not click on "Cancel" or "X". Your device might freeze, which will require reconnecting your device.
Ledger Nano S
  • I can't finalize the update process. My Ledger Nano S displays either Bootloader / MCU firmware is not genuine / Follow device repair instructions.
    We have developed a Repair Tool in Ledger Live to fix these issues.
    1. Open the device repair tool: Settings > Help > Repair your Ledger device. 
    2. In Ledger Live, select the corresponding case and click Repair. The repair process will start.
    3. If the loader is at 100% and the device stays stuck on Bootloader: 
    - Windows/Linux: Restart Ledger Live by pressing CTRL + R. Then start the repair tool once more. 
    - MacOS: Restart Ledger Live by pressing ⌘ + R. Then start the repair tool once more.
Ledger Live  
  • I am Mac user and I can install the latest version of Ledger Live 1.8.1
    We are aware of this bug. When you click on "Install Now" from Ledger Live 1.8.0, the reboot of the app is not automatic, which is needed to start using the new version. To solve this issue, you have to manually close and reopen Ledger Live.
    To verify, you have installed the latest version of Ledger Live, please go to Settings > About > Version. This regression should be fixed in the next version of Ledger Live.
  • Transaction in Ledger Live is canceled because "Out of gas".
    We have noticed a bug in our last versions of Ledger Live (1.8.0 & 1.8.1). The gas limit function doesn’t work properly. If you set a limit greater than 21000, Ledger Live will automatically reset the gas limit value to 21000. 
    As a temporary solution, you can use your Ledger device with: 
    Changing your Gas Limit will still be possible with these 2 web wallets.
  • I am trying to add an account and the message "Something went wrong please reconnect your device, invalid channel" is shown.


    This error message is encountered when the Ledger Live Manager is opened while trying to add an account. Please select the Portfolio tab on the left panel and retry to add your account. 
  • My balance shows 0.
    To solve this issue, please clear the cache in Ledger Live:
    1. Click on the gear icon to access the Settings.
    2. Click on the Help tab.
    3. Click the Clear button to clear the cache. This forces the resynchronization of your accounts with our blockchain explorers.
    If the issue persists, please change the rate provider: Settings > General > Rate provider. You can equally do this for a specific cryptocurrency through Settings > Currency.
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