Windows 10 Update: Changes for Ledger Users

The next version of Windows 10 was released to testers on April 18th. We’ve been assessing the changes this update brings and wanted to inform Ledger users what it means for them. Windows 10 May edition (a.k.a. Windows 1903) will become available in the upcoming weeks, and it changes some interactions with Ledger devices. This is what you need to know.

Ledger Live 

Ledger Live is fully ready for the upcoming Windows 10 version. There is no change for you. 

Web wallets 

You have installed the new Windows 10 version and you use web wallets such as,, yoroiwallet, metamask etc.

You have a Ledger Nano S running firmware 1.5.5 or a Ledger Nano X with the latest apps

Your Ledger Nano S or Ledger Nano X will work as expected. HOWEVER: Windows might display a pop-up that will automatically disappear when you will interact with your device. You just have to move the pop-up to the side, check the transaction details and validate the transaction. 

Please do not click on "Cancel" or "X". Your device might freeze and will require reconnecting if you do.

Your Ledger Nano S is NOT up-to-date

If you don't have the latest firmware version, you will not be able to access any web wallets. Windows will display a Windows Security pop up - please check the video below.


What do I have to do? 

1. Install the latest firmware version (tutorial).
2. You have to reinstall your apps (tutorial).
3. You're done! 
4. Refer to the previous paragraph "Your Ledger Nano S or X is updated" to know the new behavior between your Ledger device and the web wallets. 

You have a Ledger Blue

You should either use Ledger Live or not update your windows to the latest version.

Advanced users: you can find more details in our dedicated blog post.
Still not working after following all the steps correctly? Please contact Ledger Support.

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