App overview

Ledger Live's interface makes it easy to find the features you need to manage your Ledger hardware wallet and the crypto assets it secures.

Tab menu 

In the bottom of the app you'll find the Tab menu which provides access to different sections of the app.

  • Portfolio: Summary of your accounts.
  • Accounts: Manage your accounts.
  • Transfer: Send, receive or buy crypto assets.
  • Manager: Manage your Ledger device (only available with Ledger Nano X or with OTG cable on Android).
  • Settings: Change settings and preferences.


The Portfolio tab shows a summary of your accounts, including the total balance, its countervalue and the change over the selected period. The operations list is shown below the summary.



The Accounts tab shows all your accounts, their balance and countervalue as well as their synchronization status. Tap an account to view its details or change its settings. You can change the sort order in the upper-left corner or add accounts by tapping the + icon.



The Manager tab give access to the App catalog, where you can find apps to install and uninstall from your Ledger device. Access the Device tab to update the device firmware or to change its name (available for Ledger Nano X only).



The Settings tab has multiple sections in which you can set various preferences or find app information.


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