Set up password lock

Enable password lock to prevent unauthorized access to Ledger Live data stored on your smartphone. The password encrypts all sensitive user data, including your account names, public addresses, and transactions.

Set up

A password can be set at the initial setup or at any later moment:

  1. Open the  Settings tab.
  2. Go to the General section.
  3. Tap the Password lock toggle ( ).
  4. Choose your password.
  5. Enter your password again to confirm.
  6. (optional) You can now also enable unlocking the app with your face or fingerprint.

  You can always return to disable your password. To change your password, simply disable password lock and re-enable it with a new password. 

Lock and unlock your session

  1. The app will lock whenever you leave the app.
  2. To unlock, either use your face or fingerprint, or enter your password and tap Log in.
  3. Your session should resume.


  • Make sure to remember your password. Do not share it.
  • Losing your password requires resetting Ledger Live and re-adding accounts.
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