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Haven't used your Ledger device in a while? Read this.

So you’ve seen the markets and decided to use your Ledger device after a while? To quickly get you up to speed, let's take a moment to remember some key points and best practices for using your Ledger device and Ledger Live.

Key Points:

  • We've been building through the bear. If you've been gone for a while your Ledger Live, apps and firmware may be outdated. Learn how to perform a complete update of your Ledger set-up here.
  • Coins are best kept cold, but batteries aren't. If you've plugged in your Ledger Nano X for the first time in a few months and are getting battery-related errors, this article has everything you need to get your battery back into the swing of things.
  • Dead screen or display? If your Ledger Nano S Plus or Nano S device screen is no longer readable or too dim to use, first attempt to adjust the brightness in the device settings by following these steps. If the issue persists, please get in touch with an agent so we can look into a solution.
  • Tracking your rewards has never been easier. Our Earn Section is your one-stop-shop for all things staking! If you stake coins through Ledger Live, or want to start staking and getting rewards, take a moment to learn more about how to use the Earn Section in Ledger Live here.
  • Some things never change: Beware of scammers! Remember to keep your 24 word Secret Recovery Phrase (SRP) offline and secure. Ledger Live and Ledger Support will never ask for your 24 word secret recovery phrase. The only place you should enter your secret recovery phrase is on your Ledger device itself. While your Ledger device keeps your words safe from hackers, it can't stop you from being social engineered into compromising your assets. Take a minute to brush up on the personal security basics here.

Make sure everything's up-to-date!

We publish new versions of Ledger Live very frequently (every 2 weeks to a month). This is meant not only to provide additional features, but also to fix potential bugs and more importantly to update key parameters allowing to synchronize your accounts and portfolio to the different blockchains.

If you've been gone a long time, you might have issues updating Ledger Live from within the app. Instead, we recommend manually updating Ledger Live by downloading and running our installer here. (Don't worry, all of your current accounts and settings will be kept as-is)

Once Ledger Live is updated, plug in your Ledger device and navigate to the My Ledger tab, there should be some updates waiting for your device there.

If you're having trouble updating any part of your set up, check out this article and contact us if you can't figure it out.

I updated and still can't see my coins in Ledger Live

There are a million reasons why you might not be able to see your coins in Ledger Live. The most important thing to remember is that all your crypto is stored in accounts on the blockchain. Even if you can't see it in Ledger Live, it's still out there somewhere. If you can't see an account that you used to see in Ledger live, try re-adding it using your Ledger device. This process will force Ledger Live to scan the blockchain and find all accounts associated with the SRP on your device. Learn more about how your accounts are tied to your SRP here.

Also, ensure that your Ledger device still holds the private keys corresponding to the missing account in Ledger Live. If your Ledger was reset or used to create a new secret recovery phrase, you'll need to restore the private keys for the missing account using your recovery phrase, then re-add the account in Ledger Live with your Ledger device. Learn more about restoring your accounts with your recovery phrase here.

If you've tried everything and the coins still aren't showing up, contact us, and we'll be happy to help track them down.

Ledger Nano X Battery Issues

Leaving your device off for long periods can impact the health of its battery resulting in battery-related errors when you plug it back in. If you're facing battery issues, make sure your device firmware is up-to-date (2.2.3) then try the steps in this article.

Going forward, we recommend powering on and charging the device every 3 months or so to protect the battery.

I have my device and PIN but lost my secret recovery phrase

Your secret recovery phrase (SRP) is the key to all of your accounts on the blockchain. Now's a great time to double-check that you know where your recovery phrase is and whether it's intact.

If you've lost all physical backups of your SRP, you'll want to migrate your assets to a new recovery phrase. Take a look at this article to learn how.

My Ledger screen is dead or unresponsive

If the screen on your Ledger Nano X, S, or S Plus device becomes unresponsive, dim, unreadable, or shows an unusual number of dead pixels, there are steps you can take.

For Ledger Nano S and S Plus devices, a dim screen might be fixed by adjusting the brightness in the device settings.

For Ledger Nano X users, please follow these steps to verify the battery's functionality and ensure it's properly charged.

If the issue persists, please get in touch with an agent so we can look into a solution.

What's New in Ledger Live

If you haven't been keeping up with crypto during the bear market, you may have missed some exciting developments from Ledger and in Ledger Live.

Expanded Blockchain Support

We've added support for a bunch of chains. From Arbitrum (ARB) and Optimism (OP) to Osmosis (OSMO) and Stacks (STX) there's a bunch of new assets for you to buy, swap and secure through Ledger Live.

Earn Section

The Earn Section gives you a unified view of your staked assets and an overview of rewards earned over time. What's more, we've added support for Cardano (ADA) staking, along with several ETH staking options including KILN, LIDO, STADER and Rocket Pool.

Ledger Recover Provided by Coincover.

Ledger Recover Provided by Coincover, is an ID-based key recovery service that provides a backup for your Secret Recovery Phrase. If you lose or don't have access to your Secret Recovery Phrase, the service allows you to securely restore your private keys using a Ledger device. Interested? Check out this page for a 1-month free trial.


We've expanded your options to purchase crypto. US Customers can now securely purchase Crypto via PayPal through Ledger Live. Learn more about Ledger and PayPal here.

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