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Haven't used your Ledger device in a while?

So you’ve seen the markets and decided to use your Ledger device after a while? To quickly get you up to speed, please have a look at the latest changes below.

Ledger Live replaces Chrome apps

The Ledger Chrome apps are replaced by a single companion app, Ledger Live. You can manage the crypto accounts secured by your Ledger hardware wallet as well as send and receive securely. Ledger Live also allows you to update the firmware of your Ledger hardware wallet and install apps on it.

Download Ledger Live

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Update the firmware for optimal security

The functionality and security of Ledger devices are continuously improved with new firmware versions. You can update your Ledger Nano S using the Manager in Ledger Live. Please use our Ledger Nano S update guide during the update. Our troubleshooting article is useful in case you get stuck. The update procedure for Ledger Blue is available here

Install apps and add accounts

The apps for your Ledger device are available to install and uninstall in the Manager in Ledger Live. After installing an app, you can add your accounts for the crypto assets supported in Ledger Live. You can check which crypto assets are supported in our list of supported crypto assets.

Besides crypto assets added by Ledger, there are crypto assets developed and supported by third parties. You cannot (yet) add accounts for these in Ledger Live, so you must use third-party (web) apps for them. The crypto assets section in our support center provides information on how to manage any crypto asset supported on your Ledger device.