Transaction stays unconfirmed

Sometimes a transaction can remain pending in the operations list for a long time, up to several days. The time before a transaction gets its first confirmation depends on:

  • the rate of network fees or gas included in the transaction.
  • the current load of pending transactions within the blockchain network.

Learn more about network fees or the status of a transaction.

Wait until the transaction is dropped

  • You can choose to continue waiting for a confirmation. The transaction may be confirmed, even if it can take days.
  • You can also wait until the transaction is dropped from by the network, although this is not very likely to happen, depending on the specific network.
  • When the transaction is dropped, it will disappear from your operations list.

Increase the network fees

For Bitcoin-like crypto assets, you can increase the network fees to accelerate your transaction. This functionality will be implemented in Ledger Live later.

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