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Track your transaction

Once a transaction has been sent, it is broadcast to the network for validation. Track its status in the Ledger Live application to know when it is confirmed and when your balance gets updated. 

Blockchain validation

  • Transactions are validated by the amount of blocks that include the transaction: block confirmations. At a certain amount of block confirmations, a transaction is considered as confirmed.
  • The minimum number of confirmations varies between crypto assets, as each blockchain has its own block time. By default, Ledger Live sets the minimum number of confirmations to the amount of blocks that fit in 30 minutes.
  • You can configure the required number of confirmations in  Settings > Currencies. For crypto assets like Bitcoin, a high number of confirmations makes a transaction irreversible.

Transaction states

The operations list in your portfolio indicates the transaction state based on the number of confirmations.


  • A transaction is pending if it hasn't received any confirmations yet.
  • Transactions that included higher network fees normally don't stay pending for a long time.
  • If a transaction included lower network fees, it can remain pending for a longer time. Learn what to do when a transaction stays unconfirmed.


  • Once a transaction has had its first block confirmation, its status switches to Confirming. This status remains until the required number of confirmations is reached.
  • Tap on a transaction in the operations list to open the Operations details to track its status.
  • Tap on View in explorer to look up the transaction in a third-party network explorer. 


  • After reaching the required number of confirmations, the transaction status switches to Confirmed.
  • All confirmed transactions combined make up the balance of your accounts and portfolio.
  • Crypto assets in your portfolio can only be sent if the transaction, with which you received them, is confirmed.

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