Solutions for the Windows 10 security pop-up

The Windows 10 May edition (Windows 1903) changes how Windows interacts with Ledger devices. Learn more about this in our blog post.

When you use your Ledger device with a third-party wallet such as MetaMask, Yoroi wallet, or MyEtherWallet, a Windows security pop-up might appear and prevent you from making a transaction. This issue is caused by Windows and third-party wallets that use the deprecated U2F transport to communicate with your Ledger device.

Before you start

  • Ensure your Ledger device runs the latest firmware version.
  • Make sure the apps on your device are up-to-date. Learn more.
  • Make sure you are using the latest version of the third-party wallet.


While it is not possible to completely remove the Windows 10 security pop-up, you can try the workarounds provided below to solve the issue.

Ignoring the Windows 10 security pop-up

When you use your device with a third-party wallet such as MetaMask, Yoroi wallet, or MyEtherWallet, the following Windows security pop-up might appear.


  Do not click on Cancel or close icon X. Interacting with this pop-up may disconnect your device.

To complete your transaction:

  1. Move the Windows security pop-up to the side.
  2. Verify the transaction details.
  3. Confirm the transaction.
Using another web browser
If you use your Ledger device with MetaMask, using the Brave web browser and changing the extension settings can solve this issue.
  1. Make sure Ledger Live or any other third-party wallet is not running in the background.
  2. Open the Ethereum application and connect your device to MetaMask.
  3. In the Brave browser menu, click on Settings > Extensions.
  4. Change Web3 provider for using Dapps to Metamask.


The Windows security pop-up should no longer appear and you should be able to make your transaction in MetaMask.

Using WalletConnect

To address this issue, we have added support for WalletConnect in Ledger Live. WalletConnect is an open-source protocol that allows you to securely interact with any decentralized applications on desktop and mobile.

You can connect to decentralized applications through WalletConnect with Ledger Live mobile instead of using the native Ledger integration in third-party wallets. Learn how to use WalletConnect with Ledger Live mobile in this article.


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