Set up Bluetooth connection

Set up an encrypted Bluetooth connection between your Ledger Nano X device and Ledger Live on your smartphone to manage your crypto assets on the go. Alternatively, Bluetooth can be disabled to connect via USB only.

  Bluetooth Desktop compatibility

For now, you can not pair your Ledger Nano X with a desktop.

Bluetooth pairing

Pair your Ledger Nano X the first time you set it up with your smartphone.

  1. Make sure Bluetooth is enabled on your smartphone and on your Ledger Nano X. Start the pairing in Ledger Live mobile.
  2. Tap on the Ledger Nano X once it's available in Ledger Live mobile. It may take a few moments for a pairing code to be displayed on both devices.
  3. If the codes are the same, confirm the pairing on your smartphone.
  4. Press both buttons on your Ledger Nano X to confirm the pairing.
  5. Press both buttons to Allow Ledger Manager. The pairing is complete after the authenticity of your Ledger Nano X has been checked by Ledger's secure server.

The pairing persists in your global smartphone settings. The pairing code does not have to be confirmed again until you forget the device in the Bluetooth settings of your smartphone.

Disable Bluetooth connectivity

By default, Bluetooth is enabled once you've set up your Ledger Nano X. Here's how to turn it off:

  1. Turn on and unlock your Ledger Nano X.
  2. Hold both buttons to access the Control Center.
  3. Navigate to the Bluetooth symbol using the right or left button.
  4. Press both buttons to disable Bluetooth. The Bluetooth status displays disabled.
  5. The setting takes effect the next time you start the device.

Use your Ledger Nano X without Bluetooth

To use your Ledger Nano X via USB:

  • Desktop: Use the USB-C cable that came with the Ledger Nano X to connect it to your desktop computer. Manage your crypto with Ledger Live desktop or any other compatible (web) app.
  • Mobile: Use an OTG-cable to connect your Ledger Nano X to your Android smartphone (iOS not supported). Manage your crypto with Ledger Live mobile or any other compatible (web) app.
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