Access Control Center

Access the Control Center on your Ledger Nano X device to lock or turn off your device, to manage the battery and Bluetooth, and to access device settings.

Navigate the Control Center

  1. Hold both buttons for 3 seconds at any time to open the Control Center. The battery status will be appear first. 
  2. Navigate the Control Center by pressing either the left or right button.
  3. Validate a selection by pressing both options.
    • Battery: current charge level.
    • Lock device: Press both buttons to show screen saver. Require the PIN to unlock. 
    • Bluetooth: Shows device name when Bluetooth is enabled. Press both buttons to disable or enable Bluetooth connectivity.
    • Settings: Press both buttons to enter the Settings.
    • Power off: Press both buttons to power off.
    • Close: Return to the previous activity.

Learn more

  • Learn about charging the battery.
  • How to pair your Ledger Nano X with your smartphone.
  • Contact Ledger Support if you need assistance.
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