Lost device, PIN code or recovery phrase

If you cannot access your Ledger Nano X device, you forget your PIN code or you lose the recovery phrase, you immediately need to follow the steps outlined in this article to prevent losing your crypto assets.

Make sure your recovery phrase stays securely stored. Protect your confidential PIN code and 24-word recovery phrase to guarantee the highest level of security offered by your Ledger hardware wallet.


Can't access your Ledger device?
  1. In case of loss, theft, or destruction of your device, please restore your recovery phrase on any hardware or software wallet that supports 24-word recovery phrases.
  2. You need the Recovery sheet on which you've saved your recovery phrase during setup.
Forgot your PIN code?
  1. After three incorrect PIN code entries, Ledger hardware wallets reset to factory settings, erasing the private keys from their secure storage.
  2. After the reset, simply restore the device from your recovery phrase.
  3. Choose a new PIN code during the restoration process.
Lost your recovery phrase?

Your Recovery sheet is a full backup of the private keys that provide access to your private keys. You must store it in a secure location. Anyone with access to your Recovery sheet can take your crypto assets without knowing the PIN code of your device.

If you do lose your Recovery sheet:

  1. Immediately send all your crypto assets to temporary accounts, like an exchange service or another hardware wallet.
  2. Enter three wrong PIN codes to reset your Ledger Nano X.
  3. Set up your Ledger Nano X as a new device.
  4. Then transfer back your crypto assets to your newly configured device.

You can download a new Recovery sheet below.


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