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MultiversX (EGLD)

Elrond rebranding

Elrond transforms and rebrands into MultiversX. Elrond will progressively be rebranded in Ledger Live to MultiversX with the renaming of the Elrond app to MultiversX app and renaming the asset. The ticker EGLD will remain. Learn more 

This article will describe how to install the Elrond app on your Ledger device to send and receive EGLD and Elrond Standard Digital Tokens (ESDT) tokens in Ledger Live.

Before you start

MultiversX Guarded accounts

  • MultiversX added a new feature to have guarded accounts. This feature means that for each transaction the user wants to send, he will require a co-signature from the account guardian. Users can choose to enable/disable this feature in the settings of Multiverx Wallet or xPortal Wallet.
  • Ledger Live does not support guarded accounts at the moment. Users won't be able to broadcast any transaction if they have a guarded account. However, they still can add their accounts and check the correct balance.

Install the Elrond app on your Ledger device

  1. Open Ledger Live and navigate to the My Ledger tab.
  2. Connect and unlock your Ledger device.
  3. If asked, allow My Ledger to access your device.
  4. Search for the Elrond app in the app catalog.
  5. Click the Install button to install the app on your Ledger device.
    • Your Ledger device displays Processing. 
    • Ledger Live displays Installed.


 The Elrond app and Ledger Live integrations are developed and supported by the Elrond team.

Enable contract data in the Elrond app

When is enabling contract data required?

  • Enabling contract data is an advanced feature that is only required for signing transactions involving smart contracts
  • However, you won't need to enable contract data when using the Elrond app in Ledger Live.
  • It's recommended to disable the contract data after use.
  • Please note that contract data will be automatically disabled after a firmware update or after the Elrond (EGLD) app is updated.
  1. Connect and unlock your Ledger device.
  2. Open the Elrond (EGLD) application.
  3. Press the right button to navigate to Settings. Then press both buttons to validate.
    Your Ledger device displays Contract data.
  4. Navigate to Yes.
  5. Press both buttons to validate. You're done.


Receiving Elrond Standard Digital Tokens (ESDT) in Ledger Live

Starting from Ledger Live Desktop 2.52 it becomes possible to manage Elrond Standard Digital Tokens (ESDT) tokens directly in Ledger Live. You can find the list of supported ESDT (MultiversX) tokens in Ledger Live here.

Receive tokens

  1. On your MultiversX account page in Ledger Live, click Add token.


  2.  Choose which token and click Continue (make sure your Ledger device is connected to your PC and the MultiversX app is open).


  3. Review the transaction on the Ledger device and in Ledger Live and confirm.
  4. You should see now a receiving address for your Elrond tokens. You can use it to receive the tokens from the exchange.
  5. Once you receive your tokens, it will appear as a token on the Elrond parent account.


Next steps

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