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Ledger Nano X firmware release notes

Release notes for all Ledger Nano X firmware versions are chronologically listed in this article. Please check our step by step update guide here and solutions to most common problems in this article.

Firmware version 1.3.0

Released 18 May 2021

What’s new in firmware version 1.3.0?

Firmware version 1.3.0 includes bug fixes. 

Before you update:

  • Make sure you have updated Ledger Live through the notification banner or downloaded the latest version of Ledger Live. Note that the update to firmware version 1.3.0 is only available from Ledger Live version 2.26.1.


  • Fixed a bug that could prevent the device from locking upon unplugging. 
  • Fixed a minor security issue that didn’t affect users. Learn more.
Older firmware versions

Firmware version 1.2.4-5

Released 17 November 2020

What’s new in firmware version 1.2.4-5?

Firmware version 1.2.4-5 mainly brings support for Ethereum 2.0. Please find more information about this update in our blog post.

Other changes

  • Addition of the possibility to perform a seed derivation according to the EIP 2333 key generation algorithm. 

Firmware version 1.2.4-4

Released 4 August 2020

What’s new in firmware version 1.2.4-4?

Firmware version 1.2.4-4 fixes a bug affecting a few users that upgraded to version 1.2.4-2. Please find more information about this update in our blog post.


  • Apply the RDP lock directly during the update.
  • Removed the MCU integrity check at each boot added in version 1.2.4-2 to fix a rare bug where the device got stuck at “Follow device repair instructions”.

Firmware version 1.2.4-2

Released 8 July 2020

Firmware version 1.2.4-2 includes security enhancements, user experience improvements, additional cryptographic support, and a few other changes. Please find more information about this update in our blog post.

Security enhancements

  • Fixed a minor RDP lock vulnerability that could be used to make the device connect as a keyboard in the context of a supply chain attack, for example.
  • MCU firmware integrity is now checked by the Secure Element at each boot (similar to Nano S).

Better user experience

  • Smooth update: no need to disconnect and reconnect the USB cable during firmware updates! Bootloader mode is now automatically launched to update the MCU firmware.
  • Significantly reduced the delay when (un)installing multiple apps in the Manager.

Other changes

  • Added cryptographic support for the Stark 256 and BLS12-381 curves.
  • Changes to the regulatory information, accessible through the settings or the boot menu.
  • Fixed functionality to switch between library contexts.