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Auto verification not available

If you enter an Ethereum address in Ledger Live that is entirely lower or upper case, the message 'auto verification is not available for this address' will appear. Please proceed extra carefully by double-checking the address and by sending a small test transaction first.

Why this message appears

Ethereum addresses can be automatically checked for typing errors if they are mixed lower case and upper case as specified in EIP-55. The mix of lower case and upper case encodes a checksum enabling Ledger Live to see if the address is a valid Ethereum address. 

Even though most wallet applications and services support EIP-55, you may come across one that does not. Ledger Live will inform you by displaying a special message.

Is an Ethereum Wallet address case-sensitive?

Ethereum and EVM apps are not case-sensitive. This means that as long as the exact characters are correct, the case sensitivity does not matter. The network is case-insensitive. A is the same as a. B is the same as b.

Send your transaction securely

  • Double-check the address after entering it.
  • Make a small test transaction before proceeding with larger amounts.
  • For other best practices for transaction security, check this article.

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