Komodo service disruption

Ledger has suspended its Komodo service on December 14th, 2018 in order to evaluate the feasibility of technical upgrades for the Komodo hard fork on December 15th. KMD users are currently recommended to use Magnum Wallet with their Ledger device to manage their KMD.


  • Magnum Wallet can be used to manage KMD secured by a Ledger device.
  • KMD service on Ledger Live may not be resumed after the hard fork.
  • Follow our TwitterFacebook and status page for further announcements.

Instructions for Magnum Wallet

  1. Use the Manager in Ledger Live to install Komodo version 1.2.11-zc2.
  2. Go to Magnum Wallet In Chrome, Firefox or Opera.
  3. Click Import or restore.
  4. In the Import tab, select Komodo and Link hardware wallet. You may leave the password field empty and click Import. You can delete the backup file that's downloaded if you'll continue using your device to secure your crypto assets. 
  5. Press the right button once your device displays your KMD address. The KMD wallet will then open, displaying your balance and address. Note: to re-verify your address, click Add wallet.
  6. If you use Magnum Wallet's Send and Receive functionality, always make sure to verify your transaction details.

Potential service resumption

If you are using Ledger Live to manage KMD, you will not be able to add KMD accounts, check your balance or send KMD. Even though you cannot send a KMD transaction using Ledger Live, the private keys providing access to your crypto assets stay secure on your device and backed up on your Recovery sheet.

Following the hard fork Ledger will update the Komodo apps for the Ledger Nano S and Ledger Blue devices. These will enable users to manage KMD with applications that support both the hard fork upgrades and hardware wallets.

Whether the KMD service on Ledger Live will resume, depends on the technical stability of the changes proposed by the Komodo community.

Make sure to follow us on our official communication channels to receive updates regarding Ledger’s Komodo service.

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