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Antivirus warning for Trojan

If you get an antivirus warning for a Trojan when installing Ledger Live 2.2.3 on Windows please rest assured: this is a false alert. You can safely ignore the warning win32/ bulta!rfn.

The antivirus warning may remove the Ledger Live Uninstaller executable. This prevents you from uninstalling or updating Ledger Live in the future. Please follow the steps below to fix this.

  1. Please download and run the uninstaller available on the Ledger Live download page. This uninstaller is not detected as a virus/trojan by Windows. Its signed hash is available here.

    Uninstaller on the Ledger Live download page

  2. Download and install the latest version of Ledger Live. Then go through the initial setup process. Learn more

What caused this warning?

Ledger Live is built with electron-builder 22.4.1, of which a recent NSIS version is falsely detected by antivirus scanners. After discovering this issue, we have immediately worked to release a patch in Ledger Live 2.2.4.