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Update Ledger Nano X firmware

The update to firmware version 2.0.0 includes a quicker onboarding experience, battery improvements and fixes, security enhancements, and several user experience improvements. Please read the release notes for more details about this update. Check our troubleshooting article if you need help.

Before you start

  • Make sure you have updated Ledger Live through the notification banner or downloaded the latest version of Ledger Live. The firmware update is not available on mobile.
  • Make sure your 24-word recovery phrase is available, as a precaution.
  • Applications on your device will be automatically reinstalled after the update.


  1. Start Ledger Live and go to the Manager.
    • Click on Manager on the main menu.
    • Connect and unlock your device.
    • If asked, allow the manager on your device.
  2. Start the firmware update.
    • Click on Update firmware in the orange notification banner.
      If you don't see the notification banner, please try again later as the release is rolled out progressively.

    • Carefully read all instructions on the window that appears.
    • If your recovery phrase is written down and accessible, tick the checkbox at the bottom and click on Continue. The update process normally does not require the recovery phrase, but you should have it available as a precaution. Don’t have your recovery phrase?


  3. The update will be downloaded while your device displays Processing.

  4. Your device will then display Update firmware, the version number, and an Identifier.
    • Verify that the Identifier in Ledger Live matches the one on your Ledger Nano X.
    • Press both buttons to choose Perform update.
    • Enter your PIN code to confirm. Your device will then restart and install the update.

        If you have canceled the update, please reload the Manager to reinstall the applications.


  5. The update process will continue automatically.
    • Your Ledger Nano X displays Processing.
    • Never disconnect your device at this stage.


  6. Your device is successfully updated once Ledger Live displays Firmware updated and your Ledger Nano X asks for your PIN code.

  7. Your applications will be reinstalled automatically after you have entered your PIN code.
  8. (optional) Rename your device. If you have manually chosen a device name, this name does not persist after a firmware update. The name will be reset to the factory name: Nano X ****. 

   Need help?

Please check the update troubleshooting article.

Did your device reset?

If your device displays Welcome to Ledger Nano X, it has been reset. Don't worry, your crypto assets are safe as long as you have your 24-word recovery phrase. Please follow the instructions to restore your private keys from your recovery phrase.

Bluetooth pairing issues

If you're experiencing Bluetooth issues after updating to firmware version 1.2.4-5, please remove the pairing and forget the Ledger Nano X on your phone. Then try the pairing again. For more information, refer to the Fix Bluetooth issues article. 

Ledger Nano X Firmware update guide