Synchronization error

If you get a synchronization error (HTTP API 503, HTTP API 500 or 503 service unavailable) when using Ledger Live, there may be a temporary problem with Ledger's blockchain explorers.

Our engineers are trying to restore the service as soon as possible. We are continuously working to improve the quality of our service.

Helpful tips

  • You may monitor our network status at or get updates on Twitter.
  • If you are still getting an error after the service has been restored, please clear the cache in Ledger Live (Settings > Help > Clear Cache). If this does not resolve the problem, the explorer is still down. Also, make sure you're using the latest version of Ledger Live
  • Please rest assured, your crypto assets are not affected by temporary network errors. To temporarily use an external wallet with your Ledger device, please check our list of supported crypto assets. For instance, you can use Electrum for Bitcoin or MyEtherWallet for Ethereum.
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