Preparing for Bitcoin Cash hard fork

Update: November 23, 2018

  BCH service resumed

Bitcoin Cash service is back online in the form of Bitcoin Cash ABC. Check our help center article if you want to claim your Bitcoin Cash SV. It is recommended to do this before sending Bitcoin Cash.

In case the red notification does not disappear in Ledger Live:

  1. Go to Settings > Help and click  View (view user data).
  2. Remove the Cache folder in the directory that opens.
  3. Restart Ledger Live 

Original article

Due to a lack of consensus within the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) community, the Bitcoin Cash network will hard fork on November 15, at around 4:40 PM GMT. This means that the BCH network will split into multiple competing blockchains.

Sending BCH to be suspended 

Ledger will pause the service of its Bitcoin Cash infrastructure well in advance of the hard fork to prevent unwanted transactions and potential replay attacks (an attack in which the transaction from one chain is copied on the other chain). During the service suspension, it is not possible to send BCH through Ledger's infrastructure.


  • No user action is required if you do not intend to send BCH during the service interruption.
  • To do send BCH during the suspension, use another wallet such as Electron Cash at your own risk.
  • Follow our TwitterFacebook and status page for further announcements.
  • The private keys providing access to your BCH and its hard forks remain secure on your device.

Service resumption

Following the hard fork, Ledger will closely monitor the technical and economical stability of the various competing blockchains. Once the new situation becomes clear, we will communicate when service will be resumed. Unfortunately it is not possible to predict how long this will take.

Supported chain(s)

Provided it is technically stable, service will resume for the chain that maintains the majority of network support, measured in mining hash rate. Whether the remaining chain(s) will be supported depends on their stability and economic viability.

Alternative options

If you wish to transact during the service interruption, you can move your Bitcoin Cash to another service (software/hardware wallet or exchange), such as Electron Cash. By doing so, you accept the responsibility of any possible outcome.

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