Token swap or migration to mainnet

Some crypto assets have migrated from a token to their own mainnet. Sending the mainnet version to your Ledger hardware wallet will result in a loss if the mainnet version is not supported.

Investigate before you invest

Do your own research before considering to buy and manage any crypto asset. What kind of crypto asset is it? Is it a token? If yes, on which blockchain is the token issued? Is the token later supposed to migrate to its own native blockchain (mainnet)?

Find out which wallets support the token and mainnet versions of the crypto asset. Find out which crypto assets are supported by Ledger.

If your Ledger device only supports the token version of a crypto asset, you cannot use it to manage the mainnet version. If you do proceed to send the mainnet version to your Ledger device, it will be lost.

  Supported token types

Please find a list of the supported token types and their associated wallets in this article.

Manage your crypto asset carefully

  • Inform yourself on a crypto asset before buying it.
  • Find out which wallets can be used to manage it.
  • Monitor community websites for possible mainnet migrations.
  • Reach out to the relevant community if you have questions about a mainnet migration.
  • Always send a small amount first before sending larger amounts.

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