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Storing and managing VET and VeChain tokens with your Ledger

This tutorial describes how to use Sync2 web wallet with your Ledger device to create a VeChain account and manage VET and VeChain tokens. Check the VeChain wallet page to learn more. 

VeChain not supported in Ledger Live

  • Please note that although it is possible to store VET and VeChain tokens in your Ledger device, Ledger Live does not currently support these coins. As a result, if you wish to create a VeChain account and manage your VeChain assets, you will need to connect your Ledger device to a third-party app like Sync.
  • Additionally, it's important to be aware that VET and VeChain tokens sent to your Ledger VeChain account managed via Sync will not appear in Ledger Live until Ledger implements support for them.
  • Read on to learn how to create a Ledger VeChain account via Sync.

Instabilities with Sync2

Some users may experience instabilities with Sync2. If you are having issues connecting or making transactions with a Ledger device connected to Sync2, please download and install Sync(1) instead.

Before you start

  • Do a complete update of your Ledger setup to ensure Ledger Live and your Ledger device are running the latest apps and software. Learn more.
  • Download the latest version of the VeChain (VET) app on your Ledger device.


Connecting your Ledger to Sync2

  1. Go to, click Get Started, choose a Password then click Next.


  2. Confirm your password.


  3. Let Sync2 generate a wallet then click Finish.
     This wallet is a standalone Sync wallet which is not linked to your Ledger wallet.


  4. Since we won't be using this wallet, you can safely ignore the backup prompt and click Dismiss.


  5. Click the hamburger icon then click the (+) button.


  6. Open the VeChain app on your Ledger.
    Your device should display: Application is ready.


  7. Click Link Now then select your Ledger device in the pop-up and click Connect.


  8. Click Link.


  9. Select your Ledger wallet from the menu.


  10. Rename your wallet to something more descriptive like "Ledger Wallet" then click OK.


  11. Click on the card in the center of your screen.

    Your Ledger VeChain account appears.
  12. Click the QR code icon to reveal your account address and use this address to send VET and VeChain tokens to your Ledger account.


Managing VeChain tokens

  1. Click the (+) button to open the Assets menu.


  2. Toggle the tokens you want to display in the wallet then click < to go back to the dashboard.


    Your tokens appear on the dashboard, you're done!


 Before you go

  • The above mentioned steps outline the preferred method of transferring VET and VeChain tokens to your Ledger wallet.
  • Please avoid sending VeChain assets to your Ledger Ethereum (ETH) account.
  • Additionally, when withdrawing VeChain assets from any cryptocurrency exchange, it is imperative to choose the VET/VeChain network.

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