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Use multiple Ledger devices with Ledger Live

The Ledger Live application can be used with multiple Ledger devices. You can either use multiple devices yourself or share a computer with multiple people each owning a device.

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Add accounts from multiple devices

A Ledger device gives access to the crypto accounts associated with the 24-word recovery phrase it was configured with.

Devices with different recovery phrases

If you have set up multiple devices (Ledger Nano S plus / Ledger Nano X) with different recovery phrases in Ledger Live, each device controls a different set of accounts. In that case, follow these tips:

  • First, add the accounts linked to the first device, and repeat for your other device(s).
  • Name the accounts such as to know which device it belongs to, assuming that you've labeled the devices.
  • Always connect the device that controls the selected account when sending or receiving.

 I added a second Ledger device to Ledger Live but I still see my old accounts

It's normal to see your old accounts in Ledger Live after adding a new Ledger device with a different recovery phrase. Ledger Live is designed to manage accounts secured by multiple Ledger devices. Your old accounts will remain visible even after adding a new device, unless you choose to remove them. To do so, right-click on the account, select 'Edit account,' and then 'Remove from Portfolio.' Remember, you can always re-add a removed account later using the Ledger device that holds the private keys for that account.

Devices with the same recovery phrase

If you've set up one device (Ledger Nano S plus / Ledger Nano X) and restored the same recovery phrase on another, both devices control the same accounts. In that case, both hardware wallets can be used interchangeably with Ledger Live. You can freely add accounts, as well as verify and sign transactions with either of the two devices.

Share a computer with multiple people

To share a computer with multiple owners of a Ledger device:

  • Add a user account in your operating system for each person.
  • Log in to your personal user account to use Ledger Live with your hardware wallet(s).

Example way of naming accounts in Ledger Live with multiple Nano devices with different recovery phrases

Nano Name ->

Nano X 1

Nano X 2

Nano S

BTC account name ->

BTC Nano X1

BTC Nano X 2

BTC Nano S

ETH account name ->

ETH Nano X1

ETH Nano X 2

ETH Nano S

Using multiple Ledger devices for multi-signature accounts

The Ledger Live app does not natively support the creation of multi-signature ("multi-sig") accounts. However, you can still set up a multi-sig account using multiple Ledger devices, each equipped with distinct private keys and recovery phrases. This can be accomplished through third-party services such as CASA, Sparrow, or Gnosis Safe which are all compatible with Ledger devices.

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