Change currency settings

A countervalue is displayed throughout the Ledger Live application to indicate the value of the crypto assets in your portfolio. First, the value of your accounts is converted to BTC and summed. Then, the total BTC value is converted to the currency configured in the settings.

Example of countervalue calculation countervalue.png


The countervalues of the crypto assets displayed on Ledger Live are compiled from various sources and are for information purposes only. The countervalue of a given transaction is determined by third parties you use to complete the transaction. Ledger does not take responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, timeliness or correct sequencing of this information. 

Choose the currency

Choose the currency to display as your countervalue. The available currencies have a Bitcoin trading pair with sufficient volume on the integrated exchanges.

  1. Click on  Settings, then stay in the General tab.
  2. Choose your preferred currency in the Countervalue drop-down list.
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