Update Ledger Nano S firmware

The update to firmware version 1.4.2 introduces minor security as well as user experience improvements. Please check our blog post for full details on the changes included in this update.

Check our update FAQ for troubleshooting tips in case you encounter any issue.

Before you start

  • Make sure you have downloaded and installed the Ledger Manager.
  • Ensure your 24-word recovery phrase is accessible if your device is already initialized.

Step by step instructions

Step 1 - Check the current firmware
  1. Check the current firmware version.

  2. Select your case
    - If the firmware version is 1.4.2, your device already has the latest firmware.
    - If the firmware version is 1.4.1 or lower, continue to Step 2. 
Step 2 - Connect to Ledger Manager

For a Ledger Nano S in use

  1. Launch the Ledger Manager on your computer.
  2. Connect the Ledger Nano S to the computer using the USB cable.
  3. Enter your PIN code to unlock the Ledger Nano S.

For a new Ledger Nano S

  1. Press and hold the right button. The right button is the one far away from the USB connector, closest to the swivel hole.
  2. Connect the USB cable from your computer to your Ledger Nano S while holding the right button until Recovery is displayed.


Step 3 - Uninstall applications
  1. Click on the Applications tab of the Ledger Manager.
  2. Click on the grey trash icon for all applications that are currently on the Ledger Nano S. This makes room for the firmware installer.


Step 4 - Download and start the update
  • Navigate to Firmwares on the sidebar of the Ledger Manager.


  • Click on the green Install button.


  • Allow Ledger manager on the Ledger Nano S by pressing the right button. The right button is the one far away from the USB connector, closest to the swivel hole.


  • The Ledger Manager will now display the installation screen while the updater is installed on the device.


Note: try updating at a later moment in case the update fails at this stage.

Step 5 - Proceed with firmware update

The Ledger Nano S will now show three screens after each other in a slider. Before pressing the right button to confirm, make sure that:

  1. You see the Update firmware screen.
  2. The firmware Version is 1.4.2.
  3. You have checked that the identifiers shown on both the Ledger Nano S and the Ledger Manager are the same.

The first screen of the slider: Update firmware. 


The second screen of the slider: Version 1.4.2.


The third screen of the slider displays the identifier. Verify that it matches the identifier shown on the Ledger Manager.

  • After verification of the three screens, proceed with the update by pressing the right button.
  • Enter your PIN code to continue.
  • The OS updater will now be installed.


  • The device will reboot after installing the firmware.
  • At this stage, two cases are possible, depending on the firmware version that was identified in Step 1:

- If the firmware version identified in Step 1 was 1.4.1, the update is now complete. In this case the Ledger Nano S will boot as normal. Please skip Step 6 and directly go to Step 7.

- If the firmware version identified in Step 1 was 1.3.1 or lower, the Ledger Nano S will display MCU firmware is outdated (left side of the image below) and To begin, connect your Ledger Wallet on the Ledger Manager (right side of the image below). In this case, go to Step 6.


Step 6 - Reboot the Ledger Nano S
  • Disconnect your Ledger Nano S.
  • Press and hold the left button (the button near the USB connector). While holding the left button, reconnect the device to your computer. Release the button when Bootloader is displayed on the Ledger Nano S. Restoring MCU is then shown on the Ledger Manager.


  • During the MCU update, Update then Processing will be displayed on the Ledger Nano S and Installing firmware on the Ledger Manager. This procedure can take a few minutes. 


Please check our FAQ in case of an issue at this stage.

Select your case

- If the firmware version identified in Step 1 was 1.3.1 or higher, go directly to Step 7.

- If the firmware version identified in Step 1 was 1.2 or lower, the 24 word recovery phrase now has to be re-entered to restore the wallet. Make sure the left button is pressed when asked: Configure as new device? Refer to this article for assistance during the recovery process. 

Step 7 - Verify the firmware and MCU versions of the Nano S
  • Enter your PIN to unlock the Ledger Nano S. 
    Note: if your PIN code includes less than 8 digits, please type in your PIN code as usual, and use the right / left button until you reach a check mark (✓). Then, confirm your PIN code by pressing both buttons.
  • Navigate to the settings app on the Ledger Nano S: Settings > Device > Firmware.
  • Check the Secure Element version is 1.4.2. 
  • Click on the right button. Check the MCU version is either 1.5 or 1.6.

You've successfully updated the firmware of your Ledger Nano S.

Step 8 - Reinstall applications
  • The Ledger Nano S is now updated. You can install applications and use the device.
  • Go to to the APPLICATIONS tab on the Ledger Manager. For each application you wish to install, click on the green download icon. If the application installation fails, please try to disconnect the Ledger Nano S and reconnect it.
  • Please install the Bitcoin app first: all other apps require the Bitcoin app installed to operate properly.



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