Offers and prices

1/ Our prices

  • Prices are in Euros.
  • The Value-Added Tax (V.A.T.) may apply; this will depend on where the billing address is located.
  • Fixed prices can never be indicated to the customer outside the Eurozone due to exchanges rates. We invite you to use a free currency converter like


2/ Customs fees

  • When ordering from outside the Eurozone, the customer needs to be aware of the fact that customs fees may apply.
  • We cannot estimate the cost of such taxes as this depends on the country where the customer is based in.
  • The customer can contact his local customs service if he wishes to be given an estimated cost.
  • When placing an order, the customer agrees and is made aware of the fact that customs fees may apply.
  • Possible customs fees are mentioned in the card before checkout and in our terms & conditions page on the Ledger Wallet website.


3/ Warranty

  • Warranty only applies if the customer purchased his device from either our website or one of our authorised retailers.
  • If the customer did not directly purchase his device from us, he needs to provide us with a copy of his invoice.
  • EU-based customers: warranty is limited to 24 months.
  • Non EU-based customers: warranty is based on your local regulations.


4/ Shipping fees

  • To find the exact amount of your shipping fees, please simulate an order and enter your complete shipping details.
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