Offers and prices

1/ Our prices

  • Prices are final and cannot be negociated.
  • In case of delivery to the European Union, the Value-Added Tax may apply.
  • Currency orders are paid in depends on where the shipping address is located. For instance, to pay an order in Euros, delivery address must be located in the Eurozone.


2/ Customs fees

  • Orders ship from our warehouse in Vierzon, France. In case of delivery outside the European Union, additional taxes may apply.
  • Amounts of customs fees vary from country to country. For more details, please contact your local customs service!


3/ Warranty

  • Warranty is limited to two years. In case of faulty item, please provide us with an invoice!


4/ Shipping fees

  • Amount of the shipping fees is indicated on the checkout page, when choosing the delivery method.

5/ Special offers

  • Our special offers are not appliable on already paid orders, you will have to place new ones.
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