Interface overview

Ledger Live's interface consists of four main elements. In the left panel you'll find the menu and accounts, in the top bar you'll find buttons for application controls and then there's the main viewer.





Use the menu to go to different main sections:

  • Portfolio: Summary of your accounts.
  • Send: Send crypto assets at any time.
  • Receive: Receive crypto assets at any time.
  • Manager: Manage your Ledger device.
  • Exchanges: Discover some selected exchange services.


The accounts section lists the name and balance of the accounts in your portfolio:

  • Click on an account to open it in the main viewer.
  • Click on the  icon to add accounts.

Application controls

The top bar contains the application controls.

  • Network status: The current status of synchronization with the blockchain networks of the crypto assets you've added. Click on it to force synchronization.
  • Settings: Access Ledger Live's settings.
  • Password lock: Lock your session by clicking on the lock icon.

Main viewer

The main viewer is the place where you interact with the main sections of Ledger Live. The screenshot above shows the portfolio is currently opened in the main viewer.

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