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The first time you use the Ledger Live application, it will help you set up your Ledger device and configure the app. Ledger Live stores your accounts and settings on your computer, so you will have to set up your accounts again on any additional computer.

Before you begin


Follow these steps to initialize or restore your Ledger device. Go to Step 3. Security checklist if you use a device that's already initialized.

Step 1. Get started
  1. Start the Ledger Live application.
  2. Click Get started.
  3. Either click:
    • Initialize a new Ledger device, if you're using a device you've just purchased, or
    • Restore a Ledger device, if you want to restore a configuration using a 24-word recovery phrase you've previously saved.
  4. Select your device, then click Continue.
Step 2. Set up your device

First you'll choose a 4 to 8-digit PIN code that unlocks your device. Then you'll save or restore your 24-word recovery phrase. Your recovery phrase backs up the private keys generated on your device that manage your crypto assets. It can be used to recover your device in case you lose the PIN code or the device.

  1. Set up your device by following the steps provided in Ledger Live
  2. Once your Ledger hardware wallet is ready, click Continue in Ledger Live.
Step 3. Security checklist

Complete the security checklist to verify you benefit from the optimal level of security.

  1. Answer the questions on-screen by tapping on Yes or No.
    Important: Contact us if you've answered No to any question, or when in doubt.
  2. Click Check now, to verify your device is a genuine Ledger device. Only a genuine Ledger device can provide the cryptographic proof required to connect with Ledger’s secure server.
    Note: This process might take a few moments.
  3. Once done, click Continue.
Step 4. Choose a password (optional)

Choose an optional password that unlocks the application to enhance your privacy. This functionality is particularly useful if you use a shared computer.

  1. Click Skip this step if you do not want to set a password. 
  2. Choose your password in the Password field.
  3. Enter your password again in the Confirm password field.
  4. Click Continue.

Note: Make sure to remember your password. Losing it requires resetting Ledger Live and re-adding accounts. This does not affect your crypto assets. 

Step 5. Bug reports & analytics

Besides mandatory technical data, you can choose which anonymous data to share with Ledger to help improve the quality of our products and services. By opting in, Ledger will automatically collect this data. You can decide to opt out at any time from the Settings page.

  1. Select which optional data to share:
    • Report bugs: Send automatic bug reports when the application crashes to help improve its stability.
    • Share analytics: Enable analytics of usage data to help Ledger improve the user experience.
  2. Click Continue. Note: Did click the Ledger Live logo for more.
  3. Click Launch Ledger Live to open the application.

Tip: Click the Ledger Logo if you can't get enough of confetti.

  To set up another device, restart the Device setup process from the Help tab in the settings.

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