Secure your PIN & recovery phrase

Ledger products have a combination of hardware and software security features to protect your crypto assets from potential attacks. Follow the guidelines below to benefit from the optimal level of security offered by your Ledger Nano S device.

Secure your PIN code

During the initialization process you choose a PIN.


  • Choose a PIN code by yourself.
  • Enter your PIN code out of sight.
  • Change your PIN code if needed. Learn more
  • Remember that three wrong PIN code entries in a row will reset the device.


  • Use an easy PIN code like 0000, 123456, or 55555555.
  • Share your PIN code with anyone else.
  • Use a PIN code you did not choose yourself.
  • Store your PIN code on a computer or phone.

Secure your 24-word recovery phrase

The 24-word recovery phrase is the only backup to your crypto assets.


  • Ensure your 24-word recovery phrase is obtained from the device screen.
  • Create multiple written copies of the recovery phrase.
  • Store the copies of the recovery phrase in secure locations, out of sight.


  • Enter the 24-word recovery phrase into your computer or phone.
  • Take a picture of the 24-word recovery phrase.
  • Share your recovery phrase with anyone else.

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