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Directly enter cryptocurrency receive addresses on your computer using the HODL app on your Ledger Nano S device. HODL transforms your Ledger Nano S into a keyboard to directly type your receive addresses. Get started using the instructions in this article.

  Windows not supported

The HODL app is currently not available for Windows.

  For advanced users

The HODL app requires knowledge of hardware wallet standards BIP 39 and BIP 44. The HODL app is therefore recommended for advanced users only.


Step 1. Install HODL

Make sure your Ledger Nano S is updated to the latest firmware.

  1. Open My Ledger in Ledger Live.
  2. Connect and unlock your device using your PIN code.
  3. Press the both buttons on your device to allow My Ledger to access your device.
  4. Find HODL in the App catalog in Ledger Live and click Install. An installation window will appear.
  5. Navigate to HODL on the dashboard of your device, once it has been installed.
  6. (Mac only) Press both buttons to open HODL. Close the Keyboard Setup Assistant that opens on your Mac. This only needs to be done once.

  If the app could not be installed, free up some storage space by uninstalling apps. This does not affect your crypto assets, secured in the blockchain.

Step 2. Launch HODL
  • Connect and unlock your device using your PIN code.
  • Press the right or left button to select the HODL app from the dashboard.
  • Press both buttons to enter.
Step 3. Set keyboard layout
This step needs to be done only once when switching keyboard layouts.
  1. Press the right button to select Settings. Press both buttons to enter.
  2. Select Keyboard layout. Press both buttons to enter.
  3. Select the layout of your computer keyboard. Qwerty, Qwerty Int’l and Azerty are supported. Press both buttons to confirm.

Note: Repeat this step after switching to another keyboard layout.

Step 4. Select crypto asset and address format
  1. Select New address from the main menu. Press both buttons to enter.
  2. Select a cryptocurrency. Press both buttons to enter.
  3. Select an address format. This option depends on the selected cryptocurrency. Bitcoin supports Legacy, Segwit and Bech32 address formats.
Step 5. Select account and address index
  1. Check the account and index shown on the device display as /account/index. Example: /0/0 indicates that the first address of the first account is selected, since accounts and indexes start counting from zero.
  2. To change the selected account: select Next account or Previous account and press both buttons to confirm. Note that the account has changed.
  3. To change the selected address index: select Next index or Previous index and press both buttons to enter. Note that the address index has changed.
Step 6. Generate and verify address
  1. Click where you want to enter the address on your computer. For example, click on the Withdrawal Address field when sending funds from an exchange to your own address.
  2. Select Generate on your Ledger Nano S. Press both buttons to enter the address.
  3. Verify that the address on the Ledger Nano S screen matches with the address on your computer screen. Press the right button located above the validation icon to confirm.


Security checks

  • Verify each address entered by the HODL application.
  • Never send funds to an address that did not match the address shown on your device.
  • Contact Ledger Support in case of doubt.

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