Troubleshoot firmware update

Frequently asked questions about the Ledger Nano S firmware update are answered below. For step by step instructions, please refer to our update guide.


Before we start, please make sure your 24-word recovery phrase is securely stored and that you have access to it. You may be required to use it to restore your device after the update.

Update Ledger Live

Ensure you're running the latest version of Ledger Live. You can see the version in Settings > About in the app and compare with the latest release. Download the latest version from

If you are stuck while setting up Ledger Live

If you have already set up your Ledger Nano S before this firmware update. Please follow the instructions below:

  1. Choose the option Use initialized device in Ledger Live.
  2. Disconnect the Ledger Nano S.
  3. Press the button near the USB port of Ledger Nano S and keep it pressed while you reconnect the cable.
  4. Release the button when Bootloader is displayed on the device.
  5. Click Skip this step as shown in the screenshot below.
  6. Proceed with the instructions to finalize the update below.


Device stuck on Bootloader

  1. Make sure that you are on a supported platform.
  2. Right-click Ledger Live and run it as an Administrator.
  3. Connect your Ledger Nano S.
  4. Go to the Manager tab of Ledger Live desktop and click on Continue.
  5. If the loader is at 100% and the device stays stuck on Bootloader: 
    Windows/Linux: Restart Ledger Live by pressing CTRL + R. Then start the repair tool once more. 
    MacOS: Restart Ledger Live by pressing ⌘ + R. Then start the repair tool once more.

MCU firmware is not genuine

  1. Press both buttons simultaneously so you see Identifier...
  2. Press both buttons again so you see The device will run in unsafe mode.
  3. Press both buttons one final time. You may be able to access the dashboard. If not, continue to Device repair tool below.
  4. If you can see apps installed on the dashboard, please make sure to uninstall ALL of them.
  5. Proceed to the start of the firmware update in the Manager to try again.

Device repair tool

Follow the next steps if your device still displays MCU firmware is not genuine and you could not access the dashboard by pressing both buttons twice:

  1. Make sure that you are on a supported platform.
  2. Open the device repair tool Settings > Help Repair your Ledger device.
  3. Connect your Ledger Nano S.
  4. In Ledger Live, select MCU firmware is not genuine and click Repair. The repair process will start. If the Nano S is still displaying MCU is not genuine, press on both buttons at the same time twice, the device will then fall in the dashboard and the update can continue.
  5. If the loader is at 100% and the device stays stuck on Bootloader:
    Windows/Linux: Restart Ledger Live by pressing CTRL + R. Then start the repair tool once more.
    MacOS: Restart Ledger Live by pressing ⌘ + R. Then start the repair tool once more.

How to fix a device stuck on Update?

  1. Disconnect your device
  2. Restart Ledger Live
  3. Connect your device.
  4. Go to Manager. The update will resume.


  Windows 7

Please note that Ledger Live is not supported on Windows 7. If the solutions provided below do not solve your problem, we cannot provide any further support unless you try on a supported platform (macOS 10.9 (64-bit), Windows 8 (64-bit) or Linux Ubuntu 16.10).

How to fix a blank screen in Ledger Live on Windows 7?
Some users have reported that rebooting their computer in Safe mode with networking allowed them to update their Ledger Nano S. Learn more here. Ledger cannot provide any other solution.

Windows doesn't recognize the device. How to fix this?

  1. Open Devices and Printers from Control Panel.
  2. Double-click Nano S and open the Hardware tab.
  3. Select USB Input Device and click Properties.
  4. Click Change Settings.
  5. Click the Driver tab.
  6. Click Update driver and select automatic driver selection.
  7. Repeat this for both USB Input Devices.

Is it possible to downgrade the firmware?
No. For security reasons, it is not possible to downgrade the firmware of your Ledger Nano S.

Why didn't my Ledger Nano S prompt to check the Identifier?   
Three screens are shown in an automated loop. If the right button is pressed before the other screens are shown, the update will be installed before you could have checked the identifier. As long as the update is fully installed you can continue using your device.

Will I need my 24-word recovery phrase for the update?
No, starting from firmware version 1.3.1, firmware updates do not require the recovery phrase to be restored. However, as a precaution make sure your 24 recovery words are properly backed-up and securely stored before starting the update.

General questions

Does the update affect my crypto assets?
The private keys on your device are fully backed up by the 24-word recovery phrase. As long as your Recovery sheet is securely stored, there is no risk to your assets.

How to update a Ledger Nano S?
Please refer to our update guide for step by step instructions.

Do I need to update my Ledger Nano S?
For security reasons, it is strongly recommended to update your device. However, if you do not wish to update your device for the moment, please make sure you do update the Bitcoin app to version 1.3.4.

What changes are included in the update?
Please refer to our blog post.

Do I have to update my Ledger Nano S if I am not using it?
We recommend regularly updating your devices to benefit from the optimal security level and user experience offered by our products.

Why can I install less apps on my Ledger Nano S after the update?
Firmware version 1.5.5 introduces new functionality and is therefore slightly larger in size. Moreover, the ETH app has significantly grown in size so Ledger Live can support ERC20 tokens in the future. These changes have caused some popular combinations of apps to become impossible. If the Ledger Nano S can still hold up to 18 Bitcoin-based apps, there is a limitation to 2 or 3 stand-alone apps. For example, if you have BTC and ETH, you won’t be able to install XRP or TRX.

Our engineers are working on a solution to optimize the size of the ETH app, while preserving token support. The solution will take several weeks to be deployed but will enable you to install more apps than is currently possible with firmware 1.5.5. We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused. For more information about managing your device storage, please refer to this article.

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