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Resolving ETH (Legacy) Account Visibility in Ledger Live Desktop 2.71.1

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November 16, 2023 December 1, 2023

This article is intended for users who are having trouble seeing their old Ethereum (ETH) accounts in the latest version of Ledger Live Desktop v. 2.71.1.

This issue has been identified and we are actively working to deploy a fix. In the meantime this article, addresses how to troubleshoot this issue so you can manage your Ethereum (ETH) accounts while our team works on fixing this in Ledger Live - Desktop.



Option 1: Try adding it on Ledger Live mobile

Try adding your Ethereum account on Ledger Live mobile: iOS and Android.

Option 2: Connect with MetaMask

Learn how to safely connect to MetaMask here

After connecting, you might see your account right there. Otherwise, you can toggle the HD path to locate your account using the HD path dropdown menu:

Screenshot 2023-11-09 at 1.31.24 PM.png

Still having issues?

Always feel free to reach out to our support team, we're happy to help! 

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