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How to bridge ethDYDX token to dYdX chain

This article explains how to migrate your ethDYDX tokens to the dYdX Chain.

Learn how to create a dYdX account in Ledger Live

Connect Ledger Live to

  1. Go to
  2. Acknowledge terms to continue.
  3. In the top right corner, click Connect Wallet.
  4. Click on Wallet Connect.
  5. Select the Ledger Live app.
  6. Your Ledger Live App will open, select the Ethereum account holding your ETH DYDX tokens then click Connect.
  7. Go back on, select Recover keys then Send Request
  8. You will need to sign two messages on your Ledger device
  9. Your Ethereum private key will generate and create a network address on the dYdX Chain.

Migrate your ethDYDX tokens to dYdX chain

  1. Enter the amount you want to migrate.
  2. You can select max to migrate your entire balance.
  3. Select Send to another dYdX Chain Address to migrate tokens to your Ledger Live address.
  4. On Ledger Live, open your newly created dYdX account, select Receive and generate an address. 
  5. On Enter your Ledger dYdX address under the field “Send to another dYdX Chain addresses”
  6. Review the details, including destination address, wethDYDX balance, and expected dYdX Chain DYDX balance. Click Approve allowance.
  7. On the wallet pop-up, click Next and authorize the wethDYDX Smart Contract to send ethDYDX token from your account.
  8. Review and confirm that you have reviewed the two check boxes:
    • The settlement on the dYdX Chain may take between 24-48 hours depending on the dYdX Chain’s block times.
    • By interacting with the wethDYDX Smart Contract, your ethDYDX tokens will be permanently locked in the wethDYDX Smart Contract and are irrecoverable.
  1. Click Confirm Migration.
  2. Click Confirm on the wallet pop-up to sign and confirm the transaction.
  3. Your Ethereum transaction should be finalized in about 25 minutes.
  4. Your dydx token will appear on your Ledger Live account after approximately 40 hours.

After the transaction is confirmed on the Ethereum network, you will find the pending migration in the Pending Migrations tab.

Pending migrations.png

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