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How to pool-stake your ETH with Kiln through Ledger Live

This article describes how to stake your ETH via Kiln's pool-staking (pooling) feature available in the Kiln dashboard through Ledger Live.

What is Kiln pooling?

Kiln is a protocol staking platform that allows you to lock your ETH coins to fund an Ethereum validator and get ETH rewards in return.

Unlike dedicated staking, which requires a minimum of 32 ETH, pool-staking lets you start with as little as 0.05 ETH. Your ETH funds will be pooled with others to reach the 32 ETH threshold necessary to fund an Ethereum validator and start getting rewards.

  Please note that for legal reasons, US-based users cannot use the pooling service through Ledger Live.

Before you start

  • Download and install the latest version of Ledger Live via this link.
  • Make sure your Ledger device runs the latest firmware. Learn more.
  • Make sure that you have an Ethereum (ETH) account set up with at least 0.05 ETH for staking purposes, plus a little extra to cover transaction fees.

Install the Kiln app on your Ledger device

  1. Open Ledger Live.
  2. Go to My Ledger.
  3. Connect and unlock your Ledger device.
  4. If asked, allow My Ledger on your Ledger device.
  5. Find Kiln in the app catalog.
  6. Click the Install button of the app.

 Staking your ETH coins in a Kiln pool

  1. Open Ledger Live and navigate to the Discover section to find the Kiln dashboard.
  2. In the dashboard, ensure that the correct Ethereum account is selected before you proceed to select 'Stake' under the 'Pooling' section.

  3. Select the amount of ETH to stake, the minimum is 0.05 ETH. After entering the desired ETH amount, check the box to accept the terms and conditions and click on 'Stake'.

  4. Ledger Live will now prompt you to sign the staking transaction with your Ledger device. Choose your desired fee option and click on 'Continue'.

  5. This is when you'll need your Ledger device. Continue by opening the Kiln app on your device, and then carefully review the transaction details that appear on your device screen.

    If everything checks out, you'll confirm the transaction directly on your Ledger device by navigating to the 'Accept and send' option and pressing both buttons to sign.

  6. Once the transaction has confirmed on the Ethereum network, your staked ETH balance will be visible in the Rewards tab of the Kiln dashboard under the Pooling section.

    At the same time, your Ethereum account will receive Pooled Staked (psETH) tokens equivalent to the amount of ETH you staked. These tokens represent your share in the pool. They will show in your Ethereum account in Ledger Live but, unlike other ERC20 tokens, they are tied to your Ethereum account and cannot be  transferred
     Unlike Lido stETH tokens, Kiln psETH tokens do not automatically rebase to reflect your staking rewards. Instead, your staking rewards will be displayed in the Rewards section of the Kiln dashboard and denominated in ETH.

    You're all set! Once the pool has 32 ETH to fund a validator and the validator has gone through the activation queue, you will start receiving ETH rewards which will appear in the Total rewards section of the Kiln dashboard.

    Tracking Ethereum (ETH) staking rewards earned via Ledger Live

     Kiln Ethereum (ETH) staking rewards will not appear in the earn tab of Ledger Live. To track your Ethereum ETH staking rewards earned by staking through Kiln, be sure to check the Total rewards section of the Kiln dashboard.

 Please note that it might take anywhere from a few hours to a few days before you start receiving ETH rewards, depending on the length of the activation queue which you can monitor at:

How to unstake ETH staked in a Kiln staking pool

Unstaking ETH from a pool is straightforward and can be initiated whenever you choose. It involves a couple of transactions with your Ledger device: request an exit and withdrawing your ETH.

  1. Navigate to the Withdraw section of the Kiln dashboard, click on Request exit and confirm the transaction on your Ledger device.

    Once the Ethereum network confirms your transaction, your balance set to exit will appear on the dashboard, and you'll get a Kiln Exit Queue NFT in your Ethereum account. This NFT is essential for the final step of the unstaking process, which is withdrawing your staked ETH and rewards back to your Ethereum account.

  2. This final step can be taken after a waiting period of 1 to 4 days, once your exiting ETH balance is marked as Withdrawable. At that point, you'll redeem your Kiln Exit Queue NFT by confirming a withdrawal transaction with your Ledger device, completing the process and receiving your initial staked ETH along with any rewards.

    You're all done!

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