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Troubleshooting API HTTP 400 and API HTTP 500 issues with Bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin (BTC) users may encounter API HTTP 400 and API HTTP 500 server errors when attempting to send Bitcoin transactions, swap cryptocurrencies into Bitcoin (BTC), or manage their Bitcoin accounts.

This issue signifies that Ledger Live is unable to establish communication with the Bitcoin blockchain. Such difficulties often arise during periods of high congestion on the Bitcoin network, which can inundate the Ledger Live app and its underlying server infrastructure, leading to problems.

Rest assured that this issue does not compromise the safety of your funds; it is strictly a network connectivity issue within Ledger Live.


Here are several methods to resolve this issue:

  • Consider waiting for the activity on the Bitcoin network to subside before attempting your transaction again. The network activity can be monitored at

  • Alternatively, connect your Ledger device to a third-party alternative to Ledger Live, such as Electrum or Sparrow and try your transaction again.

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