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How to place orders on

This article guides you through the different steps to place orders on the Ledger website.

 Placing individual orders as a business

We no longer accept orders placed under a corporate or business name through the Ledger store on our website. Consequently, you will be unable to enter a corporate VAT number or a company name during checkout.

If you represent a business interested in placing an order, you may find suitable options with our official resellers at For bulk orders, please reach out to our sales team at

Placing an order as an individual

  1. Once you added all Ledger products for purchase, click Checkout.
  2. In Customer Info, enter your email address.
  3. Complete the following shipping address fields:
    • First Name and Last Name: it is mandatory to provide full names. 
    • Address Line 1
    • Address Line 2 (optional)
    • Country 
    • City 
    • Province (optional) 
    • Postal Code
    • Telephone

      Review your shipping information

    Make sure that the shipping information provided is accurate and written in the Latin alphabet. Inaccurate shipping information can lead to shipment delays and order updates.


  4. Click Continue to  shipping.
  5. Select your preferred Shipping Method and click Continue.
     Depending on your shipping address and method, delivery time can vary. More details on this article: How long will it take for my order to reach me?
  6. At the Payment Method step, select your payment method.
     The country from which you’re placing the order automatically defines the payment methods offered and the currency.


    Taxes are automatically calculated based on your location. Whether you place your orders from a tax or a tax-free country, the price will remain the same as Ledger ensures that all customers are paying the same price for Ledger products.

  7. In Billing Address, check one of the two options:
    • Same as Shipping Address
    • Use a Different Address. Learn more here.
  8. (optional) If you have a discount code, enter the discount code in the Discount Code field located in Your Cart summary. Then click Apply.
  9. Click Complete Order.

You have successfully placed an order on

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