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Earn section FAQs

This article answers frequently asked questions about the Earn section. 

What is the Earn section, and how does it work?

The Earn section of the Ledger Live app allows you to track rewards* and discover staking opportunities across chains without navigating multiple platforms and interfaces. In the Earn section, you can easily see all your staked and eligible for staking assets, APR/APY, and earned rewards.

Annual Percentage Yield (APY) is an estimate of what you'll earn on your staked assets each year, including compound interest as the rewards accumulate. 

Annual Percentage Return (APR) is an estimate of the total yearly rewards you can expect on your staked assets without compound interest.

Keep in mind that the generated rewards may vary from the estimated rewards. 

The Earn section consists of two tabs:

  • Assets earning rewards tab allows you to track rewards on assets you are currently staking.
  • Earn more rewards tab shows the list of your assets that are eligible for staking, along with the estimated rewards you would receive. From there, you can buy more assets, click Stake and start earning rewards.


What assets are supported in the Earn section?

The Earn section currently provides data for all staking positions and validators for Solana (SOL), Tezos (XTZ), Ethereum (ETH), and Ethereum Lido Staking (STETH), with more to come.

Why do some assets that I can stake through Ledger Live don't appear in the Earn section?

Because the Earn section doesn't support them yet. We're working hard on adding support for more coins. 

Does the Earn section provide real-time data?

The Earn section relies on third-party service providers to fetch the latest data. Keep in mind that each chain is different, and some take longer to fetch data than others. Data on staked amounts are updated every five minutes at most. Rewards are updated once a day.

What are the next steps for the Earn section?

We'll be adding support for more coins including Cardano (ADA), Near (NEAR), and assets from the Cosmos ecosystem. 

Additionally, we will provide detailed information about the validators you’re using and their reward performance. We also plan to add features such as DeFi, and lending in the future. Stay tuned!

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*Rewards are not guaranteed. Ledger does not provide any financial advice or recommendation. 

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