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Neo N3 (NEO)

 NEO Legacy and NEO N3 app

Neo has upgraded its protocol to version N3 in September 2021. As a result, you will see two apps for NEO in My Ledger: Neo N3 and Neo (NEO).

Due to the extent of improvements found in version N3, certain features are not backward compatible with the existing Neo Legacy blockchain. To manage the Legacy address, you should use the Neo (NEO) app and in order to access the N3 address, you should use the Neo N3 app. For migration of your Neo Legacy to N3, check this article.

Install the Neo N3 app on your Ledger device to manage NEO and NEP5 tokens with the NEON wallet desktop application. The Neo N3 app is developed and supported by the Neo community. Check the Neo Wallet page to learn more.

 NEO accounts cannot be added to Ledger Live.

Before you start

Install the Neo N3 app on your Ledger device

  1. Open Ledger Live and navigate to the My Ledger tab.
  2. Connect and unlock your Ledger device.
  3. If asked, allow My Ledger to access your device.
  4. Search for the Neo N3 app in the app catalog.
  5. Click the Install button to install the app on your Ledger device.
    • Your Ledger device displays Processing.
    • Ledger Live displays Installed.

Set up NEON wallet

  1. Download the NEON wallet.
  2. Open the Neon wallet once you've installed it.
  3. Open the Neo N3 app on your device.
  4. Click Login using Ledger in the Neon wallet.
  5. Click Use Ledger device. Your Ledger NEO account appears.

Send and Receive NEO

  • Share your public address with the sender to receive GAS or NEO. Verify the address on your device screen before sharing it.
  • Click Send to create a sending transaction. Fill out the recipient's address, the amount, and fees. Verify the transaction details on your device before confirming it.

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