Vertcoin (VTC)

Install the Vertcoin app on your Ledger device to manage VTC with Ledger Live. The Vertcoin app is developed and supported by Ledger.

Before you start


Install the Vertcoin app
  1. Open the Manager in Ledger Live.
  2. Connect and unlock your device.
  3. If asked, allow the manager on your device.
  4. Find Vertcoin in the app catalog.
  5. Click the Install button of the app.
    • An installation window appears.
    • Your device will display Processing... 
    • The app installation is confirmed.
Configure public key exports

The Vertcoin app can export your extended public key (xpub) to web apps in a U2F compatible web browser (Chrome, Opera or Firefox). The xpub is privacy-sensitive information, as all public addresses can be generated from it.

Public key exports by default require manual approval on the device to prevent inadvertent sharing of your public addresses. This setting can be configured as follows:

  1. Open the Vertcoin app.
  2. Navigate to Settings > Public key export approval.
  3. Choose one of two options:
    • Manual approval (default): public key exports require a confirmation on the device.
    • Auto approval: public key exports are automatically approved.
Vertcoin address formats

Legacy addresses start with a V. This is Vertcoin's original address format. The option to add legacy addresses in Ledger Live is planned.

SegWit addresses start with a 3. The SegWit upgrade reduces network fees, speeds up transaction signing on hardware wallets, and enables second-layer solutions like Lightning Network. By default, new accounts added in Ledger Live are SegWit accounts.

Bech32 addresses start with vtc1. These are native SegWit addresses that feature safety and security improvements. This address format will be implemented in Ledger Live.

Exporting VTC accounts

To export VTC accounts from your Ledger device to another software wallet, please use the custom path m/49'/128'/0'/0/0. The VTC app erroneously does not use Vertcoin's regular derivation path (m/49'/28'/0'/0/0). Correcting this error would create unnecessary inconvenience for our users, so this is not planned.

  Address privacy

Vertcoin transactions are public information. Do not re-use your addresses for optimal privacy. Ledger Live automatically generates new addresses and keeps track of your previous ones. Previous addresses do remain valid, but they don't offer an optimal level of privacy.

Next steps

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