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Transaction stuck in pending

How to know if your transaction is pending?

  1. In Ledger Live, go to the Portfolio tab.
  2. Scroll down until you reach Latest operations. There you can see a list of all your transactions.
  3. Click on the transaction whose status you want to check. A new window will appear on the right with transaction details, including amount, fee, type, status.


If the transaction has been pending for a long time, it may be stuck.

There are several things you can do to speed up your transaction. Find out more below 👇

Bitcoin transactions

You can use a third-party wallet such as Electrum to speed up the transaction → How to speed up a stuck Bitcoin transaction with Electrum

  This can only be done if the transaction is still unconfirmed.

Wait for the transaction to be processed. The network will eventually get less congested and the miners will pick up the transaction. 

Ethereum-based transactions

To fix a transaction stuck in pending on the Ethereum network, an option is to speed up or cancel the transaction altogether in MetaMask. Learn how to connect to Metamask here

Before canceling or speeding up a transaction, it's highly recommended to completely close out of the MetaMask browser completely, then, reopen and unlock it.

How to speed up a transaction in MetaMask

Once you’ve initiated the transaction, and if you feel the need to speed it up, click Speed Up.




This lets you re-submit the exact same transaction, but with a higher gas rate that should allow the transaction to be processed in an accelerated time frame.

How to cancel a transaction in MetaMask

To cancel a transaction in MetaMask, simply select Cancel.

Please note, a cancellation can only be attempted if the transaction is still pending on the network. Transactions that have already been confirmed cannot be reversed.

Another option

The final option is to simply wait until the transaction is processed. You can continue waiting for a confirmation. The transaction confirmation might take some time, maybe even days, but it still can be processed.

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