Ledger Authenticator

The Ledger Authenticator is an application for Android phones. It is used to double check transactions as a second factor of authentication, to replace the black security card. This application is only required with the Nano or the HW.1 devices as they don't have any screen to check directly the integrity of transactions.

  • If you own a Nano S or a Blue, you can't and don't need to use this Authenticator application, because the authentication process is yet included by design in your device. Your device features its own screen which displays an authentication push for each transaction, requiring your manual consent to sign it. 
  • If you own a Nano or a HW.1, here is the tutorial to install it. Take care to have your security card.
  1. Connect your Nano / HW.1 and launch your Bitcoin Chrome application on your computer
  2. Open the "Settings"
  3. In the "Settings" popup, select "Hardware"
  4. In the "Hardware" popup, open "+ Pair a smartphone"
  5. On your smartphone, install the Ledger Authenticator application
    through the Play Store on Android 4 and more
    (not available on Windows phone and iOS phones).
  6. On your smartphone, launch this application, and tap on "Pair a Ledger Wallet"
  7. Scan the QR code displayed on the Chrome app popup
  8. On your smartphone, enter the 4 digits you are are asked to by finding them on the Security card corresponding table: the 4 digits displayed on the smartphone refers to 4 other digits on this table. Type them taking care of capital letters and lowercases.
  9.  Rename this paired wallet
  10. Validate and wait until both your computer application and your smartphone application confirm the pairing achieved.

For your next transactions, you will be able to choose between security card authentication or Ledger Authenticator one.

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You must use from time to time - for example every 20 transactions - your security card instead of your Ledger Authenticator. For a security purpose, your wallet would be reset randomly if you only use the Ledger Authenticator application to authenticate your transaction.

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