How to import / recover a backup on my Nano or HW.1?

Any wallet using BIP 39/ BIP 44 standards can be imported on your Nano or HW.1. Of course, all the Ledger devices can be imported on another Ledger device. If you don't know if the wallet you currently use is base on BIP39 / BIP 44 standards, please visit your wallet website or contact its support.

You can recover a wallet when you first initialize your Nano, and / or after having reset your device by entering 3 wrong PIN codes in a row.

First, make sure to have a 24-word passphrase to recover. If you want to recover a Ledger backup, take the Recovery sheet where you copied these words.

  1. Connect your Nano / HW.1 on a USB port
  2. Launch the Bitcoin Chrome application
  3. Select “Restore a wallet”
  4. Choose a 4-digit custom PIN code, and confirm it
  5. Take the Ledger Recovery sheet or any 24-word backup from a wallet designed by another brand
  6. Copy the words following carefuly the numerical order
  7. Wait until confirmation
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