Set up your Nano / HW.1

To use your Nano / HW.1, you need to configure it and install a wallet application to manage your Bitcoins.

Using the HW.1

Initializing the Nano / HW.1

Requirements for using a Nano / HW.1:

  • A computer running a Chrome browser - for managing the Bitcoin wallet application
  • Your Nano / HW.1 - to access Bitcoin wallet application.
  • Your security card - black plastic card that comes with the Nano / HW.1, used to sign transactions.
To start using your Nano / HW.1, follow these instructions:
  1. Install Ledger Wallet Bitcoin app, which can be found here.
  2. Connect your Ledger Nano / HW.1.
  3. Choose a PIN code.
  4. Backup your recovery phrase.
  5. Your Nano / HW.1 is ready to be used.


Connecting the Nano:

Please note that the Ledger Manager application is not usable with the Nano / HW.1: this app is only suited for Nano S and Blue.
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