Ledger Nano or HW.1 is stuck in "verifying authenticity"

Linux users, please verify your udev permissions before updating your firmware.

The section below applies to Ledger Nano (not Nano S) and HW1 only:

If unplugging and plugging the hardware wallet doesn't correct the problem, then it means your update was not successful. To fix the issue, you need to update the Nano again, but using a different method. You will need your Recovery sheet to go through the process.

  1. Go to http://hardwarewallet.smartcard.io/chrome_extensions.html and install both the chrome extensions "Application support" and "Content script support"
  2. Go to https://fup.hardwarewallet.com/ledger/ and follow the instructions of the "BTChip HW.1 / Ledger Wallet Firmware Update" page.
  3. Type in the required field the 32 characters in hexadecimal of your security card (found under the QRCode in your Recovery Sheet) 
  4. Click on "Start update" and follow instructions
  5. Come back to the Chrome application once update is finalized


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